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If you're writing an iOS app and you need to know the user's current location, the answer is straightforward: use Core Location. That fires up device GPS (when available). Apple's A-GPS combines this with things like local Wifi networks and IP addresses to work out the device's location. All of this, of course, assuming that the user allows your app to know their location. That's great if you actually need nearly-exact location information. But what if you don't care about that? What if you just want to know, say, what country the user is in, or even what continent? You could of course still use Core Location. But if your app doesn't normally use location data in an obvious manner, users would reasonably be suspicious if you suddenly want…

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Learning iPad Programming, 2nd edition, by the excellent Kirby Turner and myself, is finally available. This project has been in the works for a while and now it's finally actually shipping and in print and stuff instead of just being preorderable. If you order now you can probably have your copy before I get mine. (It's also available in electronic formats for Kindle and iBooks and as a PDF).


Not many books have a single project that lives and evolves through the entire narrative. The reason not many books do this is because it is difficult to do well. Important toolkit features get shoehorned in weird places because the author didn’t do enough up-front design time. This book, though, takes you from design, to a prototype, to the Real Deal. And then it goes further.

from the foreword by Mark Dalrymple